Replica watches-Watches are defined as high-end luxury accessories that show their identity

Nowadays, the revival of watch culture is mainly to define replica watches as high-end luxury accessories that show their identity. The meaning of luxury goods has never been functional but more demonstrative. Therefore, many novices are entangled in whether the watch is an IQ tax when buying a replica watch.

The selling price of luxury goods is mainly composed of brand value, and its own cost only accounts for a small proportion. Since it is a luxury, its brand value must be far greater than the value of the watch itself.

And a senior watch friend's replica watch playing experience usually goes through such a stage chart. First, choose the cheapest watch just for the most basic timing function. Then influenced by the outside world, I feel that Swiss replica watches are real watches. And then transition from entry-level replica Panerai Swiss watches to high-end Swiss watches.

Comparing replica Rolex and Omega, most people will firmly believe that Rolex is definitely more advanced than Omega. But where is the advanced level? Many people would say that the movement Rolex is better.

In fact, if you have disassembled the movements of two watches yourself, or you directly ask the watch repairer. The answer is that the movements of the two watches are actually the same, because they are both simple and three-handed movements are not complicated in structure, and the stability and durability are actually similar. Even if the ETA movement is compared with the movement of the above two brands, it is difficult to tell which is better.

Replica Omega movement is actually more beautiful than replica Rolex's movement in appearance. After all, Rolex never makes back-through styles because the movement does not have much appreciation. But these do not affect the vast majority of people prefer Rolex, because Rolex's early Hong Kong film implantation has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, replica Rolex's brand influence is greater than Omega. Because the brand value is higher, the price is more expensive.