Why do most people choose replica Omega and Rolex

Replica Longines was originally a watch brand with a long history, but the reputation of early Longines is still well-known. But over the years, when Longines is mentioned, the feelings of my table friends are surprisingly unanimous, "a good hand is so sloppy." In fact, this is mainly due to the fact that Longines was acquired by Swatch, positioning itself as the main force competing with Tissot and Mido for the low-end market.

With the continuous strengthening of the pace of economic development and consumption upgrades, the watch has the slogan "Neng Europe is not waves". The watch has evolved into a luxury accessory that symbolizes status and class. In the era of consumption upgrade, high-quality and low-cost products are slowly losing their popularity. Just like in the past, people-friendly brands such as Baleno and Jeanswest were eliminated by the times, not because of poor quality, but mainly because of low positioning.

The moon phase function is not a difficult function. If you mention the moon phase table, most people will think of Jaeger-LeCoultre moon phases. The moon phase table has long been synonymous with "expensive". But in fact, Longines also has a moon phase watch, but no one buys it. In the final analysis, the reason is nothing more than replica watches as a luxury item. The message sent by most people is that "Longines is not as good as Omega." The price of the watch is mainly linked to the brand positioning, and is not necessarily related to the cost!

It's like Omega and Rolex actually belong to the same grade of brands, and the degree of development of the movement and the richness of the style series are also comparable. But most watch friends will think that Omega is not as good as Rolex. It might even be said that people who buy Omega are because they can't afford a Rolex.

The essence of the matter. Experienced old watch friends know that when a watch is turned into a luxury item, the most important thing in determining the price is the brand effect. Brand marketing is done well enough fake watches, there will be a large number of newcomers to follow. The ability to tell a story is often greater than the product itself.