Expensive replica watches-Different brands use the same movement

Replica Longines friends feel that the grade is too low and haven't worn it for a long time. During the maintenance process, the master told him that the parts of the blue balloon movement were seriously worn out, but now there are no movement parts in the store. If Longines does not wear it often, you can replace the parts of the replica Longines movement with the blue balloon.

It is very intuitive to compare the movement. Several brands use the ETA2892 movement. The only difference is that they have their own brand's LOGO and the corresponding movement model on the automatic rotor.

Many replica rolex friends will ask questions. Since these different brands use the same movement, why are their prices so different? Isní»t the price and cost of a replica watch necessarily related?

The replica watch has now become a luxury wear, and its more function is to show it. Tissot and Longines are very cheap and close to the people, but even those who don't wear watches will find them inferior. Watches bluntly brand effect and positioning play a vital role in selling prices.

95% of self-produced movements are not more stable and durable than ETA movements. Today, with the consumption upgrade, the luxury of watches is getting stronger and stronger, and there are more and more people who understand watches. The self-produced movement is just a marketing tool to make people more obscure the configuration of the watch.

Wearing a replica watch has now become a symbol of status recognized by many people, and buying a watch movement is no longer a basis for judging whether a replica watch is worth buying. This kind of small objects that greatly exceed the value of the product itself is more used to make you look more temperamental. But buying a fake watches should still follow the principle of economic tolerance, because even if you frugally buy an expensive watch and your own strength does not match, you still can't make your image taller.